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nice default layouts

dreamwidth is having a lot more layouts lately, but I never remember the names of the ones I like (or the colours) so I'm compiling it here so that my lazy self can remember which ones I do look at. I'll clean it up later. If anyone stumbles across this, leave comments about which ones you like too!

I might recompile this later to include the screenshots from dreamwidth's actual select page.

Bases: Beechy, Steele, Tropical (original)
Blanket: There's a lot, so colours depend on what it's needed for. Peach is the original.
Five AM: I like most of the ones in here.
For the Bold: needs to sift through again.
Funky Circles: Good for more exotic layouts.
Leftovers: Fruit Salad
Lefty: City Spring
Line Up: Green Tomatoes, Modernity, Pressed Flowers, Velvet Steel
Patsy: Brulee, Clay Deco, Foggy Beach, Glossalia, Retro, Vintage Sorbet
Planet Caravan: There are some standouts, but all of them have pretty decent usability.
Seamless: Pink Envy
Skittlish Dreams: Anything with the main post area having a white background.
Summertime: Need to look through but I've used this one before.
Tectonic: All of them are pretty good tbh.

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