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Just last night I felt a fright
Like a thousand arms were holding on too tight
I tried to reach for you
My hands were closed but you fell right through

Jun. 27th, 2015 05:26 pm

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There's something in the air tonight
A feeling that you have that could change your life
There's something burning up inside
I reach out for you and our hearts collide
With hearts on fire I reach out to you tonight
Hearts on fire I reach out to you tonight

I've been searching for a love alive
Drowning in the silence as we walk the night
Your hand is out and brushes mine
A moment that is frozen as we hang in time

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This actually came around because a while back, a friend had trouble with Google and it's like WHAT WE WILL DO!! Well, there's a few options out there! This list compiles the one I have used and really like.

Note that these don't talk about Yahoo or Bing or etc, because we already know those.

DuckDuckGo )

Ecosia )

This will be subject to more updates! There are other search engines out there that other people will also like and prefer, I just don't know them all either, so recommend any you like!
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And how to make them function like Firefox and Chrome. This is here for people who find that Firefox and Chrome's functions might not be suitable for them, but don't know where to start! In no means does this mean that Firefox and Chrome are bad, cos they do update frequently. But sometimes you just want more variety because of (insert a reason here.) Reasons are usually Chrome being a total privacy hack (oh yeah I went there).

If you want your browsers to function like FF or Chrome and be able to use their add-ons and extensions, then this list is here 4 u. Note that this is made with Dreamwidth usage in mind, and also that my add-ons/extensions aren't the same as yours. This is just a resource list.

UPDATED: 27th January 2019

Firefox Alternatives

Waterfox )

Chrome Alternatives

Opera )

Vivaldi )

This post will be constantly updated because of new developments. And maybe if more new browsers crop up (but I'll only put up ones I feel are pretty decent alternatives, so should be long-lived at least!). Feel free to make some suggestions with how you got it working like the above.
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[ click to see full size. live preview (nav version/2) @ [personal profile] riotking + reading page + archives/archive day view, etc ]
[ example code in image: the fool @ [community profile] cawaii ]

Time creeps in your brain )
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[53] Touken Ranbu (2015-08-28: Nitroplus Kenran Zuroku | Official Artbook)
--- PART 2: Tachi, Oodachi, Yari, Naginata | part 1 (tantou, wakizashi, uchigatana)

Characters and Icons below! )
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[85] Touken Ranbu (2015-08-28: Nitroplus Kenran Zuroku | Official Artbook)
--- PART 1: Tantou, Wakizashi, Uchigatana | part 2 (tachi, oodachi, yari, naginata)

Characters and Icons below! )
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A few of my friends have recently gotten into Dreamwidth, but without having been in blogging sites before. Dreamwidth itself is a pretty special kind of blogging platform that is different to the likes of Wordpress, in that it has a way better subscription service and community tool than Wordpress. It's more focused on building communities around blogging. If you've used Livejournal before (or still are), you're pretty good to go. If you've only been on microblogs, then this is for You. I'm just gonna go through really basic stuff. It gets easier in the finer details after. It's way easy to get into this site, and way convenient!

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I'm compiling a list of things I went through, tips, etc for getting started on coding a layout in Dreamwidth. It seems daunting at first, but actually it's not half bad. In fact, it's much easier for me to pick up on than it was while I was back at Livejournal. Whoa! (I was really bad at livejournal layouts, so this is actually saying something.)

This will also help with editing pre-existing custom codes already available for your use (should the original creator allow it) so that the layout will be tailored to you! This also answers one question: why the heck do I always overlap on another stylesheet instead of making one from scratch?

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Jul. 20th, 2015 02:27 am


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Only the best video ever for the best song ever?! But really, a list of crap we can embed into dreamwidth, whether it's super simple (mostly super simple, thankfully). LIIIKE:

instructions here

here (thanks [ profile] pixle for the link!)
--- NOTE: If there's no "Embed This Calendar", click the button that says "HTML", it should give you an embedding link. (What I did to test it out)
--- NOTE2: There's a bug with Google Calendar and Dreamwidth right now, but support has a workaround for now:
1. Copy/Paste the embed code.
2. Change the beginning of the url: From "" to ""
This should work most of the time until they fix the bugs.

Instructions here in Wordpress's FAQ (wait what). Yes it's practically exactly the same. I tested it with Google Docs, I haven't tested it on Sheets or Slides or whatever else is available yet.

Go to "Customize Profile" or "Profile Settings", and then Widget (or use that link). After that, choose your options and then copy/paste the code into a post.
--- NOTE: It's useless if your timeline is on private cos the plurks won't show up, just a note saying that your settings are on private. I tested it with a public and private account and they both work (aside from private being switched off).
--- NOTE2: It uses div codes, BUT you can actually put the widget onto your profile. Somehow it still works and I ain't complaining.

Go here, customise, copy/paste code into post/profile. Works for both, you can see it in action on this comm's profile.

Go to Vine, pick the Vine you want to embed, click "Embed", choose your size options and etc, and just copypaste the code into a post. To embed, see the vertical line of dots for the menu, it's got the option there, or from something that looks like < >.
--- It also works on profiles.

After you pick an 8tracks you like, click any variation of "Share", and then over to find "Embed Player" (could look like < > ). Choose your options, copy/paste the code, slap it into a post or profile, it works in both.

Click "Export" and there's an embed code. Choose options and then just copy and paste here in a post or profile.

Click on Share (which could also look like that paper airplane thing on the video) and then copy the embed code before pasting into a post or profile!

because a friend asked and I stumbled across them again. Here?!?!?!


NOTE: Two things at the moment! Since end of November 2015:
- If you use Beta posting, the site embed code will vanish even if the code is working. You can hit edit and save, and the code will still work even if it vanished. Yes strange.
- Google Calendar isn't working for new embeds (it does for old ones?) It looks like no one knows why so support tickets will have to be sent in this case. UPDATE: Look at Google Calendar embed method up there for the workaround provided by Dreamwidth support while the bugs are being fixed.


ALWAYS SUBJECT TO UPDATING AS MORE IS DISCOVERED. Tell me your findings. I know there's a lot more I missed and/or having put in yet cos I haven't mucked around with them, like Soundcloud and Spotify (which work)
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dreamwidth is having a lot more layouts lately, but I never remember the names of the ones I like (or the colours) so I'm compiling it here so that my lazy self can remember which ones I do look at. I'll clean it up later. If anyone stumbles across this, leave comments about which ones you like too!

There be default layouts in here )