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And how to make them function like Firefox and Chrome. This is here for people who find that Firefox and Chrome's functions might not be suitable for them, but don't know where to start! In no means does this mean that Firefox and Chrome are bad, cos they do update frequently. But sometimes you just want more variety because of (insert a reason here.)

If you want your browsers to function like FF or Chrome and be able to use their add-ons and extensions, then this list is here 4 u. Note that this is made with Dreamwidth usage in mind, and also that my add-ons/extensions aren't the same as yours. This is just a resource list.

Firefox Alternatives

PALE MOON: A Firefox fork, lately it's been gradually moving away from Firefox. However, most of the add-ons still work. Also, as a Firefox fork, it looks like old Firefox pre-Australis. It's primarily on every other OS but Macintosh, however there is a volunteer who made a Mac build, it's just not as updated as the others.

Main Site + Downloads (Win + Linux) | Mac Versions (pick the latest builds)

Important Add-ons and Settings to get it working like your Firefox (should you want it to)

Pale Moon Commander: Adds extra options in the form of "Advanced Options". You'll need this to change the tabs menu from thumbnails to drop down text if you prefer (like me)
Ad Block Latitude: Ad block fork, since the original Ad Block Pro/Plus for Firefox doesn't work on Pale Moon. Made by Pale Moon team.
--- Alternatively, there's also uBlock Origin.
Developer Tools: As Pale Moon 27 and onwards will remove the built in devtools (like Inspect Element) that came with Firefox, they made this in add-on form.
LJLogin: As it is unsigned, it will eventually no longer work on Firefox. It does work for the beta version of the Pale Moon major updates (thus far). Can use with Dreamwidth!

Insert related tabs after Current Tab: If you prefer new tabs to be opened right after the current tab you opened the new link in, instead of having it go to the end of the tab list, then check this in Options -> Tabs.
Getting rid of Status Bar and moving options up: If you're used to newer Firefox's way of putting all the options up at the top and nuking the status bar, this is how you do it.
Pale Moon Profile Migration Tool: If you wanna transfer your original FF profile over, this can help you!
Bookmarks: I don't use bookmarks, but I've been told it's very easy to transfer in from Firefox!
1. Back up your bookmarks in Firefox to desktop
2. On Pale Moon: Restore -> Choose File Option

WATERFOX: This is a direct fork off Firefox, if I recall correctly. It didn't have a Mac version before, but now it does! I haven't tried it out personally, but I know others who have and say it's wonderful. Also it will allow unsigned add-ons like LJ-Login. However, it only works with 64bit Windows, and if you use a 32bit only system, you'll have to stick with Pale Moon (or super old Firefox). Anyway if you still got Firefox and you install Waterfox, everything from your Firefox will be ready in Waterfox, including add-ons. Because of this you can't use Waterfox at the same time as Firefox, but you can use it at the same time as Pale Moon (for heavy browser users who like two browsers)

Main Site + Downloads (Win, Mac) | Android | iOS

I think all you need to do is just go to the Firefox Add-on page and that's it? So I am told! Ditto with going to unsigned add-on pages and it will be fine. I know not everyone will need it, but some people might need:
Classic Theme Restorer: if you like the themes pre-Australis or need the status bar, this is it. I'm not sure if Waterfox kept the statusbar, but I'm leaving this here in case because we needed it for Firefox.
LJ-Juggler: Chrome's extension is now available on Firefox! Can use with Dreamwidth! Current Waterfox has been unable to use LJ-Login for some reason, and it's probably because it's outdated. LJ-Juggler is fine though, because of Firefox's recent updates that allow Chrome extensions to be ported over. Unfortunately, LJ-Juggler doesn't work on Pale Moon.

Chrome Alternatives

OPERA: Opera has changed a lot since it once was, having adopted the same engine as Chrome. While this makes old Opera users yearn for days of old (like a good number of Firefox users), this actually makes it a suitable alternative for Chrome because they're practically the same, only that Opera has a drop-down menu for its tabs even after they're squished tiny like Chrome tabs (the one thing that power users or tab abusers [like me] dislike about Chrome; no other way to navigate squished tabs in default form.)

Main Site + Downloads (Win, Linux, Mac, mobile OS's)

Important Add-ons and Extensions to get it working like your Chrome (should you want it to)
Opera has its own Add-ons and Extensions page where you can get Ad Block Plus and Disconnect and the like, so search them up. However, for Chrome Extensions that aren't available for Opera?

Download Chrome Extensions: As Opera and Chrome share a similar system, use this to turn the Chrome Extensions website into "Install for Opera". Try it now for--
LJ-Juggler: This is a Chrome Extension you can install using the above add-on. Can use with Dreamwidth!

This post will be constantly updated because of new developments, such as word about the browser Vivaldi (apparently for power users) allowing Chrome Extensions to be installed. And maybe if more new browsers crop up (but I'll only put up ones I feel are pretty decent alternatives, so should be long-lived at least!). Feel free to make some suggestions with how you got it working like the above, since I know some like Cent Browser is also used.

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