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alternative search engines (just for no reason)

This actually came around because a while back, a friend had trouble with Google and it's like WHAT WE WILL DO!! Well, there's a few options out there! This list compiles the one I have used and really like.

Note that these don't talk about Yahoo or Bing or etc, because we already know those.

DUCKDUCKGO: DuckDuckGo uses its own search engine, so sometimes it's not as powerful as Google for some searches, and pretty powerful in others. So it's best used as a partner search engine, in my opinion. However, the best thing about DuckDuckGo is it's an engine that doesn't track you. Considering most big search engines do, including Google, if you want to remain completely private, this is it. There are a couple of others like SearchPage, but I've found using DuckDuckGo to be better for me. It also has a few things that Google doesn't have, like Images and Videos tabs don't redirect you to another page, it just opens another panel up in the same page.

It also has a super ridiculous logo. I think it's super cute.

Main Site:

ECOSIA: Ecosia is an engine powered by Bing, however it has an option to use Google as well, which makes it a pretty powerful alternative. But wait, why make it an alternative if you can just use plain old Google? Searching on Ecosia will lead to tree planting at various places in the world: it's an eco search engine. It's also partially private. It tries not to save all your data, just some IPs and browser uses that goes to Bing (so it's like using Bing or Google anywhere, but more privacy potential cos you're using a third party). In terms of effectiveness, you don't get all of the boons Google has like calculator and such, however if you're gonna Google, why not plant trees at the same time? I will say that sometimes Google searches are still more effective than Ecosia's Google version, but it's pretty minor.

It has pretty colours for its navbars and stuff, I believe.

Main Site:

This will be subject to more updates! There are other search engines out there that other people will also like and prefer, I just don't know them all either, so recommend any you like!